Scalable Customer Communications Platform, Designed for Business Growth

CPaaS is a cloud-based software that lets businesses utilize communication features like calls, video, and messages to their apps or services using APIs.

CPaaS with Omnichannel & whatsapp business api
What is CPaaS?

Communications Platform as a Service

Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), is a cloud-based service that simplifies integration of communication channels. Our omnichannel will enhance agents process in managing communication channel for your company.

Our Module in our CPaaS

Jagel CPaaS module integrates call functionality, WhatsApp API, and omnichannel capabilities for seamless communication and customer engagement.

BPO Contact Center Solution
Call Solution

Inbound & Outbound Call Solution

Deliver seamless customer experiences, fostering satisfaction and loyalty through efficient communication management. Maximizes efficiency and effectiveness in reaching out to prospects or clients, ensuring personalized communication, higher engagement, and increased conversion rates

Facilitates seamless communication between customers and support agents, ensuring swift issue resolution and enhanced satisfaction

Enable streamlined customer interactions, covering bookings, orders, and inquiries, ultimately enhancing satisfaction and efficiency.

Order and booking services feature personalized assistance, ensuring smooth transactions and customer satisfaction


Manage All your Channel in One Omni-Channel Platform

Combine messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram within an omnichannel platform to enhance customer experience management and foster collaboration.


Whatsapp Business API Account Powered by Jagel

A WhatsApp Business account simplifies customer communication for businesses, offering tools like messaging automation and business profiles to streamline engagement effectively.

Industries & Business Use Cases

diverse industries leveraging call center services for enhanced customer support, sales, and operational efficiency.

Financial Services & Banking

Call centers in financial services and banking provide tailored customer support, secure transactions, and compliance expertise.

Healthcare & Telemedicine

Actively support patients with personalized care, manage appointments efficiently, and facilitate remote medical consultations.

Retail & Ecommerce

Boost sales, resolve customer queries, and optimize shopping experiences for seamless transactions drive growth.

Hospitality & Tourism

specialize in delivering superior guest experiences and efficient reservation management with personalized customer care.