Scaling Your Business Growth with Whatsapp Business API

Communication platform to enhance your customer experiences with integrated omni-channel & whatsapp business solution.

BPO Contact Center Solution

Since 2018, we’ve helped all kinds of companies grow their sales

Whatsapp Flows

Whatsapp Form:
As Easy As Chatting

Finally, with WhatsApp Flows, you can create custom forms for your customers without them leaving WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Broadcast

Send Personalized Broadcast Messages Quickly

Easily send personalized broadcast messages to multiple recipients with speed and precision, ensuring your communications are both efficient and tailored to your audience.

Whatsapp Chat Bot & Automation

Automated Chat with 24/7 Services

Experience automated chat services available 24/7 for seamless interaction and support around the clock.

Seamless Integration with Omni-channel & Ticket Module

WhatsApp Business smoothly fits into your multi-channel strategy and ticket system, making customer communication a breeze. Manage inquiries easily and elevate your customer service with WhatsApp Business.

CPaaS with Omnichannel & whatsapp business api

Multiple WhatsApp Agents Login

Enable multiple agents to log in simultaneously, ensuring efficient customer support and streamlined communication management.

Interactive Messages with Rich Media Support

Engage users with interactive messages supported by rich media for immersive communication experiences.

Database Management

Effectively organize and maintain data for WhatsApp Business API to ensure secure and reliable messaging operations.

Analytics and Reporting

Utilize analytics and reporting for WhatsApp Business API to gain insights and track performance effectively.

Green Tick Verified

Get recognized with the prestigious WhatsApp Green Tick verification, signaling authenticity and trustworthiness to your audience.

API Integration

Integrate WhatsApp API into your existing CRM or ERP system for enhanced communication and operational efficiency.

Industries and Use Cases

WhatsApp Business API caters to various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, and financial services, enabling businesses to engage customers through messaging for customer support, notifications, bookings, and transaction updates.

Retail & Ecommerce

Confirmation of orders, updates on deliveries, and assistance for customers.

Financial Services

Notifications for account activities, updates on transactions, and handling customer inquiries.

Hospitality & Tourism

Confirmations for reservations, reminders for check-in/out, and access to concierge services.


Enrollment confirmations for courses, reminders for assignments, and support services for students.


Reminders for appointments, alerts for medications, and support for teleconsultations.

IT Support & Operational

System status alerts, network maintenance notifications, and IT helpdesk support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Business API.

What is a Whatsapp business API?

The WhatsApp Business API is a platform provided by WhatsApp that allows businesses to communicate with their customers on WhatsApp in a more structured and automated way. It enables businesses to send notifications, provide customer support, and facilitate transactions using WhatsApp messaging. This API is typically used by larger enterprises and service providers to enhance customer engagement and streamline communication processes.

Having a Facebook Business Manager account.
Providing legal documents such as SIUP, TDP, or other official documents.
Having a website and email with the same domain.

What are the requirements to create the WhatsApp Business API?

In the WhatsApp Business API registration process, new users are required to prepare several requirements, including:
Having a Facebook Business Manager account.
Providing legal documents such as SIUP, TDP, or other official documents.
Having a website and email with the same domain.

Is there a guarantee to obtain the green tick verification?

To obtain the ‘green tick’ or official account status, WhatsApp API users are required to verify their official account after the WhatsApp Business API account has been activated.
Verification can be done after the WhatsApp Business API number has been in use for 1-2 days. The authority to grant official account status lies entirely with WhatsApp under META.

What is the difference between a business-initiated conversation and a user-initiated conversation?
  • Business-initiated conversation:
    The business starts the conversation with a customer. This typically happens when you send an opening message to a customer first.
    Each business-initiated conversation incurs a fee from WhatsApp. Typically, you’ll get a certain number of free conversations per month, but charges apply after exceeding that limit. 
  • User-initiated conversation:
    The customer initiates the conversation by contacting your business on WhatsApp. This could be a question, a request for help, or anything else.
    User-initiated conversations are generally free as long as you respond within the 24-hour service window.