What is CPaaS?


Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), is a cloud-based service that simplifies integration of communication channels. Our omnichannel will enhance agents process in managing communication channel for your company.

Our Module in our CPaas

  • Inbound Call: Receiving a Call from customer

  • Outbound Call: Make a Call to customer

  • Auto Dial: Make an automated outbound call from a list of customer

  • Predictive Dial: Make an automated outbound call from a list of customer with certain ratio of agent and customer

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  • Ticket Management: Produce tickets, manage, and follow up on the tickets.

  • Dashboard/Wallboard: A page to see daily basis reporting lively.

  • Open API Integration: Able to connect and integrate with other core system through API Integration

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The rapid advancement of technology services is revolutionizing industries, enhancing efficiency, and driving transformative
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A fullstack CPaaS company provides end-to-end communication solutions, combining infrastructure, APIs, and development tools for seamless integration and customization.
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